Role: Art Direction, Design & UI Design
Client: Foodpanda GmbH
Company: The foodpanda group is a global mobile food delivery marketplace headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and operating in 24 countries and territories, including India, Pakistan, Russia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong and Singapore. The service allows users to select from local restaurants and place orders via the mobile application as well as the website. The company has partnered with over 40,000 restaurants.

Due to the rapid growth and global footprint, foodpanda needed a communication system to standardise and consolidate all the departments. I was tasked with creating a system that would standardise Marketing, Design, Social, CRM, Operations and Consumer Product.




The strategy was quite straight forward. Foodpanda has many customer and client touchpoints that were all being managed as silo verticals. Much of the work from Product, Design and Marketing was being duplicated and represented in disparate ways. The design strategy was to design a system that all teams could reference and reuse to save time and costs.




The first step was to create a platform that would allow global staff to access a centralised design guide that was always up-to-date. A beautiful printed or PDF brand guide just isn't functional in an organisation. The design guide needed to be a living document that was always online and adaptable.



Real-time &

As designs were added to the guides they were instantly available to all global designers. The guides could also grow to contain any content.




The primary touchpoint for customers is through the mobile apps. Both the iOS and Android apps needed to be re-designed to fit within the global design system as well as updated to meet operating system standards like Material Design.



App Store

The latest designs were incorporated into the App and Play stores. I was tasked with Storyboarding, Design, Animation and Editing of the videos.



Desktop &
Mobile Web

The second most used touchpoint is through the desktop and mobile web. With new web standards for progressive web apps that look and behave similar to native apps, it was very important that the user experience within the browser was as seamless and polished.



Rider Operations
& Product

The secondary function of the business lies in the operations of managing riders that deliver hundreds of thousands of orders everyday. The design system considered uniforms, signage and software products that riders use. A small improvement in operational efficiency has a big impact on business.



Vendor Partner

Partner restaurants are the other side of the marketplace. Partners needed a system design for packaging, signage, and software that would allow them to grow online orders without large investments in time and technology.



Product Design
& Development



All marketing channels needed systems for design and language. Social, CRM, Print & Outdoor, Mobile, Display, POS & In-store and Experiential Marketing had specific guides to allow local designers to scale up the work in all markets.



Social Response