Samsung +
Sydney Opera House



Role: Art Direction, Illustration and UI Design
Client: Samsung & Sydney Opera House
Agency: Razorfish
Brief: As part of Samsung's ongoing partnership with the Sydney Opera House, our team was given the brief to create a fun and truly educational experience for children visiting the iconic location.

At each point along the tour, bluetooth beacons communicate with the app to provide location based context – revealing information about that part of the building and giving the children a challenge. By answering a quiz question, they will unlock one of the performers. Each stop along the tour provides a new challenge and a new performer – with 20 to  collect in total.


Strategy &

For the initial scoping phase of the project I worked with the Technical Director, User Experience Designer, Information Architect and external beacon supplier to plan the projects flows, timings and technical constraints.



Wireframes &

Even with such a seemingly simple user journey, the app required several integrations and developer pipelines. As usual all Wires and UX were done before proceeding with a working lo-fi prototype.




With a clear focus on answering the brief we developed an Art Direction that would be fun for the kids as well as respectful to the cultural significance of the Sydney Opera House.


User Interface

After a clear Art Direction style was set we began developing UI elements and key screen Illustrations.





Planning, User Experience
& Wireframes